Neighbors Envy, Owner’s Pride: 10 Tips for Maintaining Age-Defying Radiant Skin


Neighbors Envy, Owner’s Pride: 10 Tips for Maintaining Age-Defying Radiant Skin

No wonder, when the female celebrities (be it Hollywood or Bollywood), hit the red carpet, they tend to nearly “bare” and flaunt their flawless and radiant skin, making all the other existing “Barr Bodies” (females with XX chromosome) around them envious. Generally speaking, when we try to get few tips from others about maintaining a glowing radiant skin, it’s hard to trust anyone because no one wants to spill the beans about their recipe for maintaining an age-defying radiant skin. However, every girl or woman desires to have the same glowing skin akin to that of her favorite celebrity. Hey, it’s no time to brood over and here are some 10 amazing tips that will make your skin look smooth and radiant ever-lasting.

  1. Never, leave without the Sunscreen
    Your must protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays first in order to make it look amazing. So make sure that you never leave your home without applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to 85.
  2. Retinol to fight signs of aging
    There is no need to have your skin treated with surgery or fillers to make it look young and flawless. All you have to do is look for skin care products with retinol in them. It will trigger the renewal of skin cells by increasing the amount of collagen production.
  3. Never, ignore Diet and Exercise
    The reason that actresses have such smooth skin is because they never underestimate the importance of exercise and healthy balanced diet.

    • Make sure that you have a diet plan for of nutrients and healthy vitamins
    • Include exercise, yoga or a regular jog in your routine
  4. Stay away from scams
    Make sure that you protect your skin from all such products that have not been clinically proven. They might damage your skin in the worst possible way.
  5. Dermatologist
    It is important that you get your skin checked regularly by a dermatologist. As he will let you know about the changes that you have to bring in your diet and routine according to the condition of your skin.
  6. Water is your friend
    Water might have several health benefits but one thing you must consider is that it will keep your skin hydrated. It will improve the health of your skin and will keep it glowing.
  7. Let your skin Breathe
    Makeup might be important to hide the flaws but make sure that you apply it only occasionally. It will let your skin breath and thus, the occurrence of pimples will be reduced.
  8. Cleanse regularly
    Make sure that you cleanse your face regularly. At night, you can use the milk with turmeric that will work as a moisturizer and remove the toxins from your skin. Do not forget to wash your face before going to bed and apply some rose water.
  9. Coconut water
    Coconut water is full of many benefits for the skin. It has the antioxidant property that will keep your skin glowing and away from all the bacteria or toxins that might damage your skin.
  10. Warm water with lemon and honey
    Apart from the weight loss benefits, this mixture will keep your skin glowing as well. It will remove all the extra flab and thus you can enjoy the best features of your skin.

So make sure that you try out all these tips. Now, it’s your turn to flaunt the same radiant skin and make your favorite star envious of you.